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The Pisano Family is been on the shoes market for three generations. Tradition was started from the Chief Executive’s Grandfather and from the actual partners, Mr. Pasquale Pisano, who, at that time owned a small artisan shoes factory. Production was mostly manual and was medium-high quality level.

In 1961 his son, Mr. Giacomo Pisano (who is deceased) established with his brothers Pietro and Salvatore, the “Pisano Bros. S.n.c.” . D uring the 80’s the Company grows and works mostly for Public Institutions and Italian Ministries starting to reach high quality level of production.

In 1988 Mr. Giacomo Pisano winds up the business partnership with the old family company and establishes with his son Mr. Pasquale Pisano the “Gi.-Pi. S.r.l.”.

GI. PI. S.r.l. is a medium-sized Company, employs at 31.12.02, more than 50 workers and 2 Managers. GI.PI. S.r.l. starts its full working on the Shoes market producing civil shoes for international importance Companies and supplying major Ministries and Public Institutions. Shoes production had always a positive trend reaching more than 250.000 pairs in the year 2002 and expecting in the year 2003 to be over this amount by few tens of thousands of pairs

In facts during these years GI.PI. S.r.l. reached a high production and company-managing techniques know how, also proved by achieving its Quality System Certification from Certitex Association, a shoes/textile Institution nationally credited from Sincert and recognized in Europe.

Also GI.PI. S.r.l. became a partner of its main suppliers and trained very carefully its staff.

GI.PI. S.r.l. always considered the need of using appropriate and modern machinery to guarantee the maximum efficiency and competitiveness without compromise its products genuineness.

At this purpose the decision to buy all the machinery to perform the prestigious “Good-Year” processing well known and appreciated all over the world.

GI.PI. S.r.l. has already new Company developing plans for the next years with the following goals:

  • System Qualità Certification in accordance to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards, quality model for the prestigious total Qualità (this system is already started)
  • Creation of a Company Informatics System to monitor the whole Company with particular attention to production programmino;
  • Creation of a laboratory to test materialsand products quality (this project is in cooperation with a prestigious testing laboratori and is waiting for funds from Campania District)
  • A greater attention to environmental aspects and its Environmental System certification in accordance to UNIEN ISO 14001 standards and then the achievement of the prestigious Certification in accordance to Community rules EMAS.

Lately GI.PI. S.r.l. decided to add a Fashion Area to its Business Orientation. As a matter of fact the Company has already an history in cooperating with distibutors of well known International Brands, in this case is just a step back to continue on that road according to Shoes Market Evolution.

All the GI.PI. s.r.l. management has fully shared the actual aims; we are also aware that only such dinamic situation can allow the firm to strengthen its own power and to increase its dimension in the nowadays economic situation.

Strada Consortile A.S.I. - 81032 Carinaro (Ce) - Tel:+39.(0)81.503.47.57-503.40.12 Fax:+39.(0)81.503.30.22