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GI.PI. even if is a medium-small sized Company, GI.PI. S.r.l. has a Family Managing Staff:

Main figure in the Company is the General Manager Mr. Pasquale Pisano also Customers libale; he also has prestigious role in National Associations like:

  • Union of Industrials of Caserta
  • Confidi
  • Italian Shoes Factories National Association
  • Confindustria

Mr. Pisano has been speaker at many National Conventions, talking about shoes market and future perspectives.

Operating at the head of the management office the Quality Supervisor Mrs. Giuseppina Pisano is the “Customer Guarantor” of the Company. She attended many specialized courses for her position, trained by Gi.Pi. S.r.l. external consultants. She also coordinates accounts and administrative activities.

Mrs. Erminia Pisano supervises production from raw materials acceptance phase to Customer delivery phase, for the maximum efficiency of the manifacturing process she is also supported by the Foremen and the Maintenance Supervisor.

Other important figures of the Company are the Purchase Manager who is responsible for all the production goods and restoring production inventory and the Commercial and Contracts Manager who takes care of the Military Area while the Civil Area is monitored by Mrs. Giuseppina Pisano.

Strada Consortile A.S.I. - 81032 Carinaro (Ce) - Tel:+39.(0)81.503.47.57-503.40.12 Fax:+39.(0)81.503.30.22