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The GI.PI. s.r.l. actual market is mainly represented by Military shoes. It carries out its activity also for public authorities. The GI.PI. s.r.l. turnover is divided as follows:

It is not possible to detect GI.PI. s.r.l. market share in military shoes and public authorities’ trade because there isn’t a data collection in that specific field. The civilian market share is instead almost trifling.

However, even the shoes’ trade has been seriously affected by economic recession: many firms have closed down or have seriously reduced their activity. In spite of all these unfavourable conditions, footwear field, textile and clothing industry have taken it on the chin better than the average firms in Caserta provincial council.

The difficulties faced up to by many firms in this section during this last years are due either to a downturn in domestic consumptions or to the strong competition exerted in particular by emergent countries.

This field, however, is on the upswing. In particular, Italian production has increased both in quantity and in value. The import-export activity has grown even more.

Actually Italy remains one of the greatest manufacturer and shoes-exporting country.

As for competition, Italian footwear production is nowadays threatened both by inferior quality and price product supply exerted by “emergent” countries in the footwear area – such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan and by the products’ rapid qualitative growth coming from South-East Asiatic Countries – China (which is the first world manufacturer), Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Facing these new trends, Italian footwear firms are now coping with the necessity either to cut production costs and sales prices or to concentrate on product quality even more. This aim can be achieved by “inland” productive phases to better guarantee qualitative level on the whole production cycle which implies clearly an endless investment effort.

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